Hui Gang is a Taiwan based company focusing on the development of local agriculture in Sigang District, Tainan. The brand was launched by a young entrepreneur, who returns to his hometown. Sesame made products are their main focus in business.

Sigang District has a rich agricultural history and religious culture, containing 96 villages in Tainan City. The logo aims to merge the shape of 9 and 6. While combining them, the graphic delivers the meaning of Tai Chi, which symbolizes balance, circulation, and sustainability. The worship and appreciation of Koi fish play an important role in the culture of Sigang District. Koi fish migrate long distances to reach their preferred spawning grounds, which also symbolizes the entrepreneur's return to his root.
As a result, the brand name "Hui Gang" means returning back to Sigang in Mandarin. The logo was designed to integrate the elements of koi fish, sesame plants, and number 96 to further convey the richness of the local culture and agricultural background of the brand.